Wine Bar

Visit our modern underground wine cellar with its own archive and with direct connection to the historic cellar of the Oldřich Mikulice winery with a capacity of up to 46 people.


Oldřich Mikulica winery

Our winery is located in the village Kobylí. The village has a long wine-growing tradition, its history dates back to 1252. The tradition of wine production in the Mikulica family dates back to 1883. Our grape press from that time is currently part of the exposition at the Wine Museum in Mikulov.

We place great emphasis on proper cultivation of vineyards in the production of our wine. Our opinion is that wine is made mainly in the vineyard and it is one of the most important factors for the production of our wine.

We grow the following varieties of wine in our vineyards: Muller Thurgau, Veltlínské zelené, Irsai Oliver, Muškát moravský, Neuburské, Svatovavřinecké, Cabernet Moravia, Modrý Portugal.

The wines are produced by a technology of controlled fermentation and draining, which makes it possible to produce graceful wines with a very fresh fruity character of bouquet substances. We use the finest grape processing in the cellar, which is important for the overall quality of the wine. We always try to approach the work in the vineyard with love and nature. When selling, we prefer contact with end customers and create the feeling that they have their own winemaker.

Wine tasting

You will have the opportunity to taste the complete assortment of wines of the family winery Oldřich Mikulica with the tradition of wine production since 1883. You can expect the owner of the winery Oldřich Mikulica to take care of you. Winemaker-sommelier will introduce you to the origin, distribution and characteristics of the vine, the production of wine and its history, the way of storage, the principles of its proper serving and consumption. During the tasting, the winemaker will also tell you something behind the scenes of winery and wine making and will guide you through a pleasant evening in a fun way.

Wine tasting offer

all inclusive

price negotiable

During the wine tasting and until 1:00 am at the latest, the wine cellar space is free of charge. After the wine tasting is finished, the rental price of the wine cellar is 500 CZK / hour.

Guided tasting must be ordered at least 7 days in advance.

Other orders

Other types of refreshments can be provided individually (hot buffet such as goulash, pork flamender, grilled chicken, cutlets, smoked ribs, pork knuckles, grilled specialties including piglet, sweet pastry, etc.).

Live music such as dulcimer music or accordionists can be arranged individually.

Current offer of bottled wines of the Oldřich Mikulica winery:

White wines

Veltlínské zelené, dry (bottle 0,75 l)
Neuburg, dry (bottle 0,75 l)
Tramín Červený, dry (bottle 0,75 l)
Cuvée, semi-dry (bottle 0,75 l)
Muller Thurgau, semi-dry (bottle 0,75 l)
Rulandské bílé, semi-dry (bottle 0,75 l)
Irsai Oliver, semi-dry (bottle 0,75 l)

Sparkling wines

Frizanté Sani, Moravský muškát (bottle 0,75 l)

Rose wines

Rosé cuvée, dry (bottle 0,75 l)

Red wines

Svatovavřinecké, dry (bottle 0,75 l)
André, dry (bottle 0,75 l)
Cabernet Moravia, dry (bottle 0,75 l)
Zweigeltrebe, dry (bottle 0,75 l)
Modrý portugal, dry (bottle 0,75 l)


Rent a wine cellar

You can rent our wine bar to organize your private celebrations, such as weddings, birthday or graduation parties, company parties, etc. (including service). Requirements will be addressed individually.

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